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The current tentative schedule is as follows.  Please comment!

8:30 AM Introductions
Brief introductions for co-orginizers; slide-deck to provide framing and schedule; introductions for panelists
9:00 AM Panel discussion

  1. Tim Hwang – Focus: tools & techniques
  2. Marshall Van Alstyne – Focus: impacts (at scale)
  3. Phoebe Sengers – Focus: Ethics
10:00 AM Question & Answer with panelists
10:30 AM break
10:45 AM Presentations
Short papers = 5 min presentation, 5 min questions
Long papers = 10 min presentation, 5 min questions
12:50 AM lunch
2:00 PM World Café Discussion
Candidate topics (see the poll!)

  • Design for effects
  • Designs to make the hidden apparent
  • Designs to support diversity
  • Designs to improve motivation
4:00 PM break
4:15 PM Open discussion:

  1. Research program: key references, key ideas, accomplishments, open questions
  2. Funding / community building
  3. Next steps
6:00 PM dinner


We’d love to hear your suggestions for topics to be covered in the afternoon World Café.  Please add them below and vote for the ones you want!


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